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Engine Trend Monitoring Systems

ETMS provides a comprehensive, automatic digital Engine Trend Monitoring System (patent pending) for piston engine aircraft:

  • Analyzes engine trends every flight, to help predict and 
    manage engine maintenance
  • Automatically sends email summaries to you or your maintenance provider 
  • Early warnings of engine problems, and faster diagnostics
  • Integrates with GA-FDM to provide a complete engine and flight analysis and  playback solution, with comprehensive monthly operational reports
  • Approved under FAA STC for Cirrus and AS350; Cessna in-process. Non-US approvals for PAC-750, BH212
  • Subject to approval for your operation, may increase
    Time Between Overhaul (TBO)
  • Helps minimize costs by detecting serious conditions
    they occur

ETMS is an on-board maintenance expert for GA aircraft (see specs). The system :

  • Provides an FAA-approved Engine Trend Monitoring system
    per Part 135.421
  • Meets Part 135 requirements for Air Taxi operators
  • Collects and analyzes performance and flight data
  • Meets the environmental requirements of DO-160F
  • Sends e-reminders for adding oil, scheduling maintenance, exceedances, trend warnings, fuel usage, and more
  • Provides predictive warnings when trend analysis shows a pending out-of-tolerance condition
  • Performs real-time trend analysis and exceedance monitoring during every flight
  • Part of an effective AC 120-92 Safety Management System (SMS)
broadband unit

The system provides Ethernet access to engine and flight data, automatically.  Alakai's optional Wireless unit (also STC'd) is available for automatic 'hands-free' internet access to your aircraft, and enables uploads to GA-FDM analysis tools and services.

On the ground, ETMS contains a built-in web and mail server, so your aircraft can email you summaries, and upload analysis data to the GA-FDM site.  Or, use a laptop or PC to browse through recent flights and examine engine data using the built-in web-server. Data can be:

  • emailed right to your PDA or iPhone
  • Graphed and viewed using any standard web browser
  • Downloaded in text format for incorporation into your own documents, spreadsheets or logs
  • Retrieved using a USB Flash memory device (aka thumb drive)
  • Graphs can be printed, for inclusion in maintenance or pilot logs
  • Also generates flight visualization track files for playback of every flight using GoogleEarth Pro