The evolution of affordable e-VTOL eCopters- Air Mobility Vehicles (AMV) for personal air mobility. On-demand, point-to-any-point transportation. With zero pollution.

alakai one - ecopter for air mobility vehicle (amv)

Ecopters are electric multicopters for everyday civilian, security, and military uses

Clean-tech on-demand

urban mobility

Automated, simple, safe reliable operations

LPG/CNG and Hydrogen fuel-cell versions

Vertical take off and landing

Point-to-any-point transportation


• Simple, reliable, robust maneuverability using 6 adjustable motor/ propeller sets


 • Lightweight airframe


• Max Airspeed (Vne) 102 kts (118 mph)


• State-of-the-art dual-display avionics


• Safe, redundant autopilot systems control all aspects of motors and stability


• LED anti-collision, navigation & landing lights


• Seats 4 adults (1,000 lbs payload when operated below 3,000 ft)


 • Automatic traffic, collision avoidance and weather provided through ADS-B links


• 2 hours travel time without refueling

urban air mobility - 3d transit

Most smart city concepts are focused on ground solutions.

ALAKAI ONE will help reduce pollution, traffic congestion, and wasted time

For Air Taxis, go where the demand is:

• Dense urban, and inter-urban areas

• Downtown-to-airports, intra- & inter-city



• ECOPTER locations

• Rooftop helipads

• Parking lots

• Hotels



• Hydrogen fueled, for zero pollution

• 2 hours flight time

• 1,000 lbs payload


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Clean-Fuel Urban Transportation:

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