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Alakai technologies overview:

Technology for Aerospace, eCopters, and Flight Data Monitoring

  • Advanced architectures and fault tolerant systems
  • Lightning and EMI control and mitigation
  • Architecture, design, and patents for industry-first hydrogen-powered, affordable, full-scale all-electric multicopter
  • autonomous and manned (piloted) modes
  • Fiber optics in dual- and triple-redundant control systems
  • Civil Transport, Regional, and GA aircraft
  • Predictive, flight data monitoring (FOQA) systems
  • Regional, Helicopter, and GA aircraft
  • In-flight embedded FOQA/FDM analysis
  • 80 to 170 parameters recorded for retrofit aircraft
  • WiFi, Broadband, or SatCom links
  • Cloud-based storage, plus simple web-based
    front-end for data analysis and review
  • System installed under STCs
  • Manufactured by FAA Production Approval Holder
  • Engine Trend Monitoring Systems
  • Automatic, low-cost, STC'd Engine Trend Monitoring
  • Meets FAA Part 135 requirements
  • Monitor engine performance; detect pending problems
  • Results automatically emailed to owner or staff
  • Automatic data uploads and on-line reports

Design experience with:

  • Raytheon Aircraft / Beech
  • Boeing and McDonnell Douglas
  • Airbus A380
  • NASA Langley, NASA Lewis
  • Cirrus, Cessna, and Lear
  • Raytheon
  • Parker Aerospace
  • FAA (ACOs and MIDOs)
  • e-Systems
  • Guardian Mobility Corp.

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